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Celine Dion Gives Goosebumps

Celine Dion Gives Goosebumps

It’s been a while, but Celine Dion has given me chills again with her three pre-released tracks off her upcoming album, “Courage”.

Celine Dion Is On Fire

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Falling Into Celine Dion

The last time that Celine Dion delivered an album that really got to me, it was the “Falling Into You” album in 1996. Especially the album’s opening track got to me.

The overly dramatic “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” reminded me of everything that drew me into music when I was a kid: Theatrics, drama, piano and in her case, a powerhouse rock solid voice. Exactly what I rekindles my love in the three new songs she’s released, “Courage”, “Lying Down” and “Imperfections”- All I can say is Wow!A Touch Of Sia      

I didn’t even have to check whether Sia had something to do with the powerful “Lying Down”. The vocal arrangements, timing and the pronunciation gave it away. I even think I hear her in the background. Sia co-wrote the track – I did check. What surprised me most was David Guetta’s involvement. It’s a masterpiece.

In fact, I didn’t think the song could be matched by any of the others, but they are all really great productions.


The vulnerability of “Courage” is really striking as well as her determination on “Imperfections”. She’s fiercely moving further into a great blend of the adult pop with just enough elements of pop trends to make it dynamic and give it a widely appeal. And she sounds better than ever.

The New Celine

That renewed energy, that rebirth thing, that we see with her fashion choices has fully transcended into her music, too. And everyone can see it, now it’s time to strike. The momentum is there for her again.

Time For English Songs

The songs are all part of her first English album in years and they show that expectations are high. They’ve pulled out all the stops on this one. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the “Courage” album.

Celine has just kicked off her “Courage” World Tour. Dates are still being announced as I publish this.

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