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Ladies and gentlemen, we are closing an eventful week. I’m not just talking about big music releases, but it was also one major event after another. All the fashionable features show, once again, that the music business is about more than music. Lady Gaga perfectly reminds us of this.

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Lady Gaga is back to her old self

When ‘The Met’ Met Up With Lady Gaga

I write this in great admiration of Lady Gaga, once again. The Met gala is already a big thing and every celebrity sets out to trump another. This year, Lady Gaga attracted the most attention. Simply, because she was a genius at working the red carpet.

In a 16 minute entrance, she gave away a short fashion show with enough photo-ops for anyone and everyone. The longer her show on arrival went on, the more people it attracted. Smart. I couldn’t help but only think of that word, when I saw it. It’s everything that sums up the entertainment business at its current time: Marketing, fashion, personality and social media worthy.

The Gaga Returns

Just when you think she’s all serious. She stripped to normal for “Joanne” and her successful role in “A Star Is Born”. Now, she returns to her Gaganess.

Not only did she use her entrance at the Met to remind everyone of her pop classics “Telephone”, “Paparazzi” and her singer-songwriter momentum, “Joanne”, she also generated more free press than you could ever imagine. Free press for herself and Brandon Maxwell, who created those outfits and walked the pink carpet with her. I just hope this will not be the next thing to do. If everybody creates a 16 minutes show on arrival, it’s going to take a long time before the event actually starts. However, it would be great entertainment for those who wait outside…

New Music

All this, just looks like a clever way to create a buzz for an upcoming album. Her social media channels are clearly moving on from “A Star Is Born” and have already put the focus back on music – Literally, her name is spelled with music notes on each platform. In March, she already announced that she was working on new music for her 6th studio album, so it won’t be long now, before we see what the new Lady Gaga era holds for us.

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