Elize Brings Darkness To Her Pop-Dance Music

For years, Dutch singer and model Elize was the perfect package for a pop-dance singer. With her good looks and light voice, reminiscent of Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, she seemed so set for stardom, but only scored minor hits. Now, Elize readies the release of a new EP, which reveals a bit of a darker side.

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Elize on EP cover

Elize On My Mind

Upon release, her latest single “Always On My Mind” caught my attention. It’s exactly what to expect from Elize. I’ve not heard music from her in years, but this is what I remember her for. Of course, her music is updated with the latest pop music trends. So, it features a transformed vocal as a musical instrument to create an additional hook. The dance track is catchy, predictable and showcases why she matches this genre. As said, this is Elize.

Bad Girl

However, prior to this song, she released “Bad Girl”. This reveals a different side to Elize and it is the most interesting thing I’ve heard from her.

In my experience, singers within dance music are highly underrated. To sing an up tempo dance song takes much power and skill. Usually, singers in this genre hone their vocal abilities. On this dark pop song, Elize really projects herself as a skilled singer, who’s grown artistically. Her signature high pitches are replaced by a lower register, vocal slides and a roughness in her long notes. This creates the effect of storytelling and the edgy feeling that make this song sound like a warning. However, it’s still a catchy one.

Butterflies And Lies

Both songs lead into the release of an EP called “Butterflies And Lies”, which promises to be an interesting release. It’s her first release after a return to Holland (she lived in LA for the last 8 years). In these years, she performed with Sagastrings. Stepping out of comfort zone helped her develop her songwriting skills further. The EP is expected in the fall.

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