Song review: Train – Play that song

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 22nd 2016

Catching That Train


Train review

When I heard about the new music video by Train, it was described like a fairytale. A catchy song on someone’s ear buds would, magically, make him dance and then, make the whole world dance. Wow!  This go lucky, happy theme sounds like a too good to be to true (and you actually do know it) advertisement for music or like any TV commercial, where people just start dancing and smiling out of the blue. Yep, sounds truly amazing. And it also gave me the impression that the song was going to be all bubbly, high paced and fun. And let’s face it, a lot of songs by Train are a lot of fun, so it’s not that strange to expect from them.

So, when the first notes started, I was quite surprised to hear the song is a lot slower than I expected and the lyrics remind me of a ton of other songs. Though I think this must be their cheesiest song ever, I tend to forgive Train for it.

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