There’s no getting around Sean Paul

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 20th 2016

Sean Paul

Sean Paul blog

Sean Paul must be one of the most asked “feature”-artists around. He often drops a verse or a few phrases on many singles by others, but I can’t remember what may have been his last single as the main artist. When I hear his name, I immediately think of the early 00s, when he had hits with Blu Cantrell and Beyonce. I know he did some solo work then too, but it’s only his featurings that come to mind.

Well, he’s about to fix that this week. Last Friday, he took lead from The Weeknd and also released two tracks on the same day. To cater the mainstream radio and the hip hop clubs, he released two collaborations (yes, still collaborating), but this time he is the main artist and the others are featuring.

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