Kanye West is blowing a fuse

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 23rd 2016

Kanye West

Kanye West blog

Somehow, the news about Kanye West escaped me yesterday. I was a bit ‘Kanye-tired’ after seeing all the rants on video, lately. I just thought he was up to his usual. It’s just one of those facts of life you learn to deal with; the sky is blue, grass is green, and Kanye West rants. I don’t really take much notice, anymore. So, people at the office actually had to tell me Kanye was hospitalized after suffering a breaking down. Uhm, huh?! What? How? Wait, how could you tell he was breaking down?

In the meantime, the only facts I can really trace are that he was hospitalized, that the family says he’s over exhausted and that he has cancelled the rest of his tour. All of the rest is speculation. Who knows?! It could be a set up for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. Pff. Tiring….

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