Album review: H-Town – Child Support

Written for Kurrent Music
Published January 21st 2016

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H-Town review

About 20 years ago, H-Town was hot, apparently. At that time, I’d only heard of them, but with the exception of catching a video on MTV once, I never really heard any of their music. I just knew they were causing mayhem in the States.

H-Town paved the way for smooth R&B to get dirty. Signed to the label owned by 2 Live Crew’s member Luke Campbell, they had to. If you don’t know why, Google “2 Live Crew”, but only if you’re 18+ of course 😉

And so it happened, H-Town introduced explicit lyrics on seductive R&B music to the masses. As it usually happens, one person might open up the door, but others usually excel, so, to me, all the way out in Europe, I always thought it was Jodeci who had done this first.

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