Will.I.Am and Skrillex produce K-Pop stars

Published February 1st 2016

Will.I.Am & 2NE1

Will.I.Am & 2NE1

K-Pop (Korean pop music) is an incredibly booming business. The pop stars usually combine their own language with English, or make sure there are two versions per song, which is giving them a global appeal.

The music itself is not much different from what we listen to here. They actually have a habit of literally borrowing western music to create their own lyrics on. The average K-Pop artist tends to be very visual, combining the visual image of anime with the average pop star look, so they are usually over the top stylish.

Altogether, they are starting to gain ground beyond their own countries, attracting millions of views on YouTube, so it was just a matter of time before big artists would jump on board and help out.


Will.I.Am has already teamed up with Psy, but has also been working with girl group 2NE1. The group were originally put together to promote a laptop, but apparently clicked and have worked together on a few tracks since. The last rumor of a collaboration dates back to December 2015, where Will.I.Am was rumored to appear in one the upcoming 2NE1 videos.


Another girl group, 4 Minute, recently released their new song “I Hate You”, which was produced by Skrillex.

Skrillex Does Radio Too Now

But on his own part of the world, Skrillex has also recently signed to be the newest radio DJ for Beats 1. His show will start this Saturday.

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