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Lady Gaga perfection

Lady Gaga perfection

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 10th 2016

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga blog

Finally! Lady Gaga has released new music. The much anticipated new single, “Perfect Illusion”, was released today and even though many have tried to fool us with fake leaked snippets, I seriously only heard the song for the first time today.

It is no secret that Gaga and fiancee Taylor are on a break and I can spot a heartbreak song a mile away. Gaga did the same I did, earlier this year: Work through the pain in the music, including the disillusion and frustration phase. It’s good to clear the heart and mind that way.

In light of that, I am so feeling this song and understand where she’s coming from, but on a musical level, I had expected a new sound from Gaga. There was such a difference between the first and the second album, but “Pop Art” showed no real progress and, on Gaga terms to that point, disappointed in sales.

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