Chris Brown making the best of a bad situation

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 5th 2016

Last week, Chris Brown has proven that you can take any situation and turn it into shameless self-promotion for new music. If you’ve been reading my blogs here for a while, you already know I have a fascination with marketing and especially music marketing. I’ve just always brushed shoulders with this throughout my work in various fields. And, we have arrived at a time where, basically, anything goes.

Chris Brown, in my book, is one the luckiest people I have ever seen. I really thought his career was over once the pictures of Rihanna’s bruises surfaced in 2009, but his musical and other creative talents still managed to capture the world since. Still, more incidents followed, and his career was still going strong.

It became his image to have trouble follow him. I have chosen these words carefully, because I do realize that if you are known to fight easily, other people will use that vulnerability to say you are violent in the moments you weren’t even thinking about it.

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