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Don’t be shy, meet the real Imany

Don’t be shy, meet the real Imany

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 29th 2016

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When Clean Bandit ended up in the charts with “Rather Be”, I remember looking at the video already knowing the girl in it wasn’t the singer. The voice and face just didn’t go together, but the picture in my head of to whom the vocals belonged, didn’t match Jess Glynne either. I was thinking of someone more alternative like a brown haired rock chick; how off could I be, right?

For the past weeks, I’ve been hearing this dance song on the radio with a deep voice. It reminds me of Jess Glynne and this story every time I hear it. Slowly, even though I should know better, it still painted a picture in my head that the singer would probably look like Jess. But, not just the face, but also the personality and story of the real singer was a surprise.

I’m talking about a song, which I thought was called “Take Off Your Clothes”. Apparently, I’m not alone in this, so Google was quick to direct me to the correct song title, “Don’t Be So Shy” and the singer is Imany.

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