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Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 9th 2016


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I wonder if everyone runs into this. Let me just check: Do you have a famous singer, rapper, celebrity you would just love to hate, but then they go and do something you can’t help but support? I have to admit, I do.

I have a love-hate relationship with Dutch rock chick Anouk. Maybe you know her from her entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, three years ago, or maybe you remember her from her very, very early days when her second single, “Nobody’s Wife”, became an international hit across Europe (in a time where this was a rarity for Dutch artists). Back then, I really liked her.

Let’s just say that Anouk has got a strong personality. It suits a rock singer. It is this that puts me off, but it also intrigues me. I’m positive though, that she won’t like me either, so I do feel ok with me not fully being convinced about her and luckily, I hear many people running into the same issue with her, or maybe that’s just the crowd I hang out with.

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