Falling Into A Connection With Singer Marloe

Meet Marloe. She’s an upcoming artist from Australia. Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter delivered her first EP and I’m telling you it’s worth a listen. So, let me introduce you to some new music by a brand new artist for a change.

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Marloe on the cover of her EP

Simply Marloe.

Various artists, managements, labels, music promotion- and PR companies contact me about the music they represent. Mostly, the genres don’t match what I write about. However, every once in a while, there’s a connection. In January of this year, singer songwriter Marloe released her first EP, simply called “Marloe.” (yes, with the dot, which I’ll drop from here on in, sorry Marloe). The EP is a little gem consisting of 4 songs.

Clever Lyrics

The lyrics caught my attention. I write myself, so that was bound to happen. Her angles and choice of words make her songs stand out for me. For instance, her single “The Day I Knew I Needed You”, is a clever way to describe connecting to someone and falling in love. It’s that turning point, you realize you’ve let all your walls drop.

All songs on her EP have something descriptively poetic about them, which give these pop songs a little more depth.

Musical Inspiration

Musically, she’s blends elements of today’s electronic music with 80s electro pop, which got people comparing her to alternative pop ladies, like Lorde. I think that comparison starts and stops with the music and depth of the lyrics. Lorde has more of an edge to her, but Marloe is much easier to get into. The songs are so catchy, you’re singing them along, during the first time you listen to them. Her voice also makes it easy to listen to and draws the attention to the lyrics.

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