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Bouncing to Little Mix

There’s no stopping UK girl group Little Mix. They are fashion icons and role models, but foremost still singers and songwriters. Their new single “Bounce Back” takes 90s music influences and brings it to a bouncy bop.

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Little Mix

Little Mix in Bounce Back video

A Little Mix of Something

One of the first songs I liked from Little Mix was a song that used a bit of “Name And Number” by Curiosity Killed The Cat. I thought they would make it a gimmick to sample, but they didn’t. In fact, I think their strength lies in their original songs. It’s no surprise that members Jade and Leigh-Anne signed a publishing deal in April, but that aside. The group has now released a new song that brings back something old.

A Little Soul II Soul

“Bounce Back” uses a bit from Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life” (released at the end of the 80s). However, don’t expect it to sound like the Soul II Soul hit at all. Other than the lyrics and melody, the music to it is totally updated. Additionally, the verses remind me more of Destiny’s Child early songs.

Bounce Back

“Bounce Back” is rhythmic and full of energy, but personally, I would’ve loved a little bigger difference between the verses and chorus. Still, the ladies hardly ever let down on their pop sound. The single leads the way for a new album, which is expected later this year and is accompanied by a colorful video, totally in Little Mix style.

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