New Music By Shanice Wilson Got Me Smiling

Shanice Wilson is making some interesting moves as a singer and entrepreneur. This woman has got many reasons to smile, even though she might not get any sleep – according to her latest single.

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Shanice Wilson

Shanice Wilson in 2019

Shanice And “I Love Your Smile”

Perhaps her name, Shanice Wilson, doesn’t ring a bell. However, there’s no way you don’t know her break through song. “I Love Your Smile” brought her fame in the early 90s, while she was still in her teens. The cheerful tune was just what the doctor ordered, back in the day. More recently, the track was sampled by Chris Brown in one of his singles, “Undecided”.

Work That Whistle

Despite it being a massive hit, it didn’t even show the full extent of her vocal abilities. This was the time when Mariah Carey opened up doors for singers with impressive vocal ranges. Every record label was looking for their own Mariah, who could impress by using the whistle register. Shanice showed hers on hits that followed, like “Saving Forever For You”, “Silent Prayer” and “I’m Crying”. A few albums, and a whole bunch of songs for soundtracks followed, but nothing brought her the success of “I Love Your Smile” back.

Keeping It Going

The story of Shanice is one of many. Sometimes talent is not enough to bring that grand career, but Shanice always managed to keep working, nevertheless. You’d be amazed to find out on how many tracks she sang background vocals. That spunk and positivity she showed, at the beginning of her career, was highly useful as her life also shown her lows. And when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade.

Therefore, she bounced from genre to genre. Shanice did it all; r&b, pop and dance. Correction, she can do it all. Additionally, she tried it all, from major labels to indie artist to YouTube personality to reality TV star to a business owner of vegan cosmetics. This year, she’s back to music.

He Won’t

Earlier this year, she released the single “He Won’t”. The light and funky music distracts you from the lyrics of your man keeping you up all night… (and you can fill in the blanks). It’s in no way a subtle come back. Shanice looks great, sounds great and utilized the renewed attention to her, thanks to Chris Brown. In an interview, she revealed that the song should get a follow up with an album, which she’s still finishing up. If it all sounds as powerful as this, it’ll continue to make me smile.

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