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Recently, DJ Jovani released his latest song “Figure It Out”. It checks all the boxes of a tropical house or EDM song, of this time. Nevertheless, it’s written by a rock star.

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Jovani vs Everywhere

When you can write songs, you can write for most genres. In fact, most songwriters prefer to jump around from one genre to another. However, not everyone gets the chance to.

One of the band members of UK alt-rock band Everywhere did though. He wrote a dance track for Jovani, which sounds nothing like Everywhere. 

Figure It Out

Recently, band member Max got in touch with me to tell me about his latest collaboration. In the past, I’d blogged about Everywhere for Kurrent Music, but this time he directed me to Jovani’s “Figure It Out”, which features Youth Appeal. 

Rising Star

DJ Jovani is Jonas Nainys from Lithuania. He gets over 100K monthly streams on Spotify and his videos are viewed by millions on YouTube. He’s also well known for doing TV and radio. Still, I’d never heard of him.

Catchy Heartbreak Song

I was expected something alternative, but to my surprise, “Figure It Out” is a dance track. Hey, that’s right up my alley! The song has some catchy tropical house influence that make it almost makes like a pleasure trying to get over someone. I like it!

YouTube Success

The track was released well over a month ago and the lyric video already accumulated over 1.5 million views. It follows up his successful “Keep It To Myself” with singer Jazzu, which went to number 2 in the Polish radio charts and was nominated for a Lithuanian Grammy. 

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