SOMA Builds Her Dynasty

If you like the sounds of Kiesza, you’ll like Swedish pop singer SOMA. Today, she’s released her new single “Dynasty”.

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Home Of SOMA

There’s something different about singer-songwriter SOMA. Her biography builds the mystery even more.

In short, it says she’s from everywhere and writes everything confident. I think that means she makes every place home and is herself wherever she is. It’s clear everything she is, is an artist.

Music Is Her Everything

Musically, she creates electronic music with some influences of the 80s. She sings with a high pitched airy vocal – fully controlled. It reminds me a lot of Kiesza. But Kiesza keeps the lyrics light, too. SOMA usually has some deepness to hers.

Off To A Good Start

The first song she released this year was “Don’t Believe Them”. It’s the easiest song of hers to get into, but “Slow”, her last release, had a great reception on SoundCloud. She recently posted up an impressive live performance of it on her brand new YouTube channel.


Today, she’s released her follow up song, “Dynasty”. There’s a lot of variation in this song. I like the chorus, especially when it picks up the pace. It’s not a mainstream pop song, but I get a feeling nothing about SOMA will ever be mainstream. She’s building her musical dynasty, one song at a time.

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