SiR Strips Love From A Love Song

Every once in a while someone on my social media feeds actually turns me on to some really great music. This is how I discovered SiR. He’s a great r&b singer with some really smooth jams, but he stripped the love from his latest release, “That’s Why I Love You”.

When Love Is Waisted

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SiR On Seduction

With its silky smooth sound, this song seduces you into thinking it’s going to be a love song. Just notice how you get that impression from the first verse, but as the song goes on, the lyrics tell a slightly different story. A situation much recognizable to many who are single and / or still in the dating game

Keeping It Real

The song, which features Sabrina Claudio, describes the situation of two lovers without the hassle of love and relationship added to the mix. To call it friends with benefits might even be too much.

Two Sides Of The Story

There aren’t many songs that tell both sides to a story, like this song. The two singers each describe the relationship, or lack thereof. Despite passing thoughts that more could be going on, they’re clear that it’s simply not the goal of the current setup and they don’t want to change anything.

Heading Nowhere

Normally speaking, I would say this is a classic example of attempted simplicity making things difficult.

However, SiR’s perspective on the song gives it a different dynamic. In real life, he’s married and says in an interview that the song describes part of life on the road. Hmmm, I’ll just leave it at that and keep my further opinions to myself. Luckily, the song sounds good and I think it will relate to a lot of people. Listen below.

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