Dido Is Back With “Friends”

Dido released her last album in 2013, but some of her songs never left the air waves. She was clearly still on our minds. “White Flag” and her sample on Eminem’s “Stan” are considered classics. It’s time for a comeback.

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Dido is back after 6 years!

Dido Returns

She sings effortlessly with something in her voice that reminds me of Irish artists, like the Cranberries and Sinead O’Conner. The combination of simple, acoustic, singer/songwriter type music, like look-a-like Jewel, with whatever electronic music is trending. Lyrics with a story to tell. It all blends into one in Dido’s music. It’s so captivating, I’ve tried to copy it and incorporate it into my songs a few times. I got heavily burned for it by producers labeling it boring. I clearly can’t do it the way she does, so I’m happy she’s back.


In November 2018, Dido already released a darker sounding track called “Hurricanes”. That song is much more fitting with some of the biggest hits we know from her. She also announced her first tour in 15 years to kick off in May this year. It takes her all across the world. But her latest single, “Friends”, is what put my focus back on her. As ever, it’s catchy casual. It’s so catchy casual you don’t even notice she’s actually telling someone off!

The partial house track showcases what she’s always done. The electronic part of her music represents the era we’re in and her voice remains a timeless classic.

Still On My Mind

Both songs are part of a new album, which is due out in March. It’s called “Still On My Mind” and has got her working with her brother, DJ Rollo (Faithless), as well as Brian Eno and Ryan Louder. The latter also worked on “Friends”.

Her disappearance from the music scene is as simple as you could expect from her. She became a mother in 2011, to a son named Stanley, referring to her Eminem hit that triggered her big break. While she enjoyed motherhood, her last album, “Girl Who Got Away”, didn’t get much promotion. At the time, she was planning to come back for a follow up album, but according to an interview with ITV she “didn’t realize it was quite so long”.

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