Behind the classics: TLC “CrazySexyCool”

TLC - CrazySexyCool

CrazySexyCool album cover

It’s so crazy, sexy, cool that’s it’s already 20 years ago, when TLC released their “CrazySexyCool” album. Wow.

R&B On Top

Back in the day, I was heavily into R&B music – and I think most of the world with me. The album pushed them right to the top.

TLC Explained

T-Boz, Lisa Left Eye and Chili, aka TLC, caught my eye already. The were wack. And with that I mean, they were really wack! Lisa was wearing an egg on here eye!!! So, I was in limbo. They were either a hype or something good was about to happen.

Second Album

“CrazySexyCool” was their second album. Their direction has to become more clear and I was relieved they became more serious. Keep in mind, this is the album that contained the hit “Waterfalls”, which addressed serious topics. It brought the girls more success than ever. Fun and games were really over now. The album showed the first symptoms of adulthood.

Timeless Songs

The album actually has a lot of timeless tracks that I still love hearing back today. Chili also listened to the album, one more time, and talked about it on MySpace. Read the story: Chili on the 20th anniversary of ‘CrazySexyCool’ (MySpace)

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