Band Aid 30: the good and the critism

Band Aid 30 logo

Band Aid 30 logo

Only good ideas are worth repeated. In 1984, Band Aid showed the world how powerful music, or rather the music industry, was. It seemed to have the power to change the world, but unfortunately, this idea had to be repeated.

Band Aid 30

On my Twitter account, I’m constantly sharing a news articles about Band Aid 30. It’s the 4th time Sir Bob Geldof calls upon the power of this incredible music project.

Original Band Aid 1984

For those who missed it: In 1984, Bob Geldof turned up the news and saw Africa in trouble. After seeing images of people starving, he called his music friends and suggested to have all the great UK artists come together to record a single.

UK’s finest

It may sound like a crazy idea, but he knew if he could get UK’s finest, he could raise a lot of cash. Everyone worked for free, so all proceeds could help feed the people of Africa.

Feed The World

The song, “Do They Know It’s Christmas (Feed The World)”, featured George Michael, Bono, Bananarama, Boy George and many more. It blew up across Europe. In fact, it’s still among many of our Christmas favorites.

For the first time ever, the music industry showed it’s true power to help make a difference in the world. No one ever showed this before, so the idea got copied by others (USA for Africa), making its impact even greater.

30 Years Later

They often say that history repeats itself. Unfortunately, the world still has mouths to feed and problems to solve, so the Band Aid project has since been repeated 3 more times (in 1989, 2004 and now in 2014).

Band Aid For Ebola

With the Ebola outbreak, it’s time to work the magic again. And it still has the magic. Band Aid 30 is the latest revival of the project. The song, slightly adjusted, was released earlier this week and is already breaking records.

Some Of The Band Aid 30 Line Up

Most of Britain’s current top musical talent got together for an adapted version of the song: Rita Ora, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Bono, Seal, Emeli Sande, Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, Coldplay, among many others.

No Adele

However, there’s one lady who’s criticized for not showing up: Adele. But one reporter rises to her defense and I have to say that she raises a few good points. What do you think?

Why Adele was right to ignore Bob Geldof and Band Aid (The Telegraph – UK)

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