A Girls Night Out For Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson returned to pop music to celebrate sisterhood and her time with the Mixtape tour. Are you ready for a girls night out?

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Only In A Debbie Gibson Dream

Just a few weeks ago, I was discussing classic Debbie Gibson albums on a music forum with other music fans. I loved her while I was growing up. Songs like “Foolish Beat”, “Only In My Dreams”, “Electric Youth” and “Lost In Your Eyes” got put on repeat, back then.

I’d often spent hours figuring out her songs on piano to write something similar afterwards. Nothing ever sounded like her, haha. Nevertheless, her influence was great on me.


Recently, Deborah returned to using the name Debbie again. Once, she used her full name to distance herself from her teen pop days. She became a broadway star.

Now, with 50 lurking around the corner (she turns golden next year!), it was time to embrace and celebrate the past once more.

90s Mixtape Tour

This year, she embarked on the Mixtape tour with 90s stars NKOTB, Tiffany, Naughty By Nature and Salt n Pepa – It’s a lot of fun to see the pics and, more so, the interaction between all these artists on social media. Let’s face it, this tour would’ve never happened back in the day.

It was during one of those interactions that I found her Instagram account, which mentioned a new song, “Girls Night Out”.

Girls Night Out

It’s insane to compare her to her old – or rather, young – self, but when you only picked up bits and pieces of her career, over the last few years, it is the first thing you do – Sorry.

And there’s something very familiar to this song. The build up, the way she uses her voice and her melodies, yep, this is Deborah as Debbie again.

Back To Her Roots

“Girls Night Out” has a somewhat updated sound, it’s but leaning very much on being retro. There are elements in this song that hardly happen in pop songs anymore, like a guitar solo! Ha!

For me, this makes it feast to hear again. Just to reminisce. A great reconnection to her, but I do hope someone turns this into a great club EDM remix though, so she can reach the current Electric Youth. Make it come full circle.

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