At The Soul Of TJ Jackson

Meet the new and improved TJ Jackson. The 3T member embarks on a solo career with a new look and a fresh sound that will keep you up all night.

Who Needs Sleep Anyway

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3T’s TJ Jackson

It’s such a pleasure to reconnect musically to TJ Jackson. Mostly, because it’s been such a surprise to hear his single, “Insomnia”.

TJ’s the only 3T member from whom I’ve never heard anything musically, outside of the group. I think I only heard his name drop when he adopted Michael Jackson’s kids. For the rest, he’s kept himself under the radar.

Going At It Alone

In 3T, he was such a cutey pie and a sweetheart, just like his brothers. He was young and his baby face made him look so innocent. Well, he shed all that.

Actually, that baby face is still there. However, at 41, it was time to show the world something different. It’s his time now. All his kids (adopted and biologically) are old enough for him to get back to his own life. And, after all, music runs through his veins, so here he is.

It’s A New Day

TJ changed his hair – tied to the back with shaven bottom – and stepped back into the spotlight.

When he sings the opening line of “Insomnia”, I thought he was opening a tropical house track, but I got corrected. The sultry soul sound immediately followed.

OK, Let’s Compare

Clearly, TJ is on a path of his own. Compared to other recent releases by Jackson family members, like Jafaar and TJ’s brother Taryll, TJ’s going for little bit of an edge. It’s refreshing. It kind of reminds me of Janet in a way.

Future Plans

As much as I tried to find out what the plans are, I’m unable to tell whether an album is coming. Nevertheless, I’m hoping for more new music.

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