Brandy Takes Her Freedom

Brandy celebrates her 25 years in the business. Oh my, how time flies! With so much already behind her, and so many sounds delivered, she still surprised me with her new single, “Freedom Rings”. It’s time to get ready and zoom in on her declaration of freedom.

The Freedom Within

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25 Years Of Brandy

This year, it’s exactly 25 years ago when teenager Brandy Norwood released her debut album and became a teen r&b sensation. With hits like “Baby”, “I Wanna Be Down”, “Sitting Up In My Room” and her own sitcom, Moesha, she quickly become a household name. A name everyone still knows today.

Queen Of Riffs

Over the years, a lot more music and acting roles followed. Brandy’s maintained a great career and played around within all sub genres of soul and r&b, and even some electronic music. Always providing those airy, layered vocals and delivering those riffs and adlibs.

Behind The Scenes

While it all looked great on the outside, there were signs of it being a little less than perfect for her behind the scenes.

Her mother and momager had a reputation for being tough. At some point, it was reported that Brandy herself developed a reputation for being arrogant. She even took to social media to respond, a few years ago, which probably wasn’t such a good move.

Brandy v4.0

It’s easy for people to write something nasty. It’s harder to see how it hurts the one targeted, especially when it’s a celebrity. We all think it’s all part of what they signed up for.

I got reminded of this when I first heard her new single, “Freedom Rings”. This is her declaration of freedom, her coming to terms with the dues that she paid and her setting the criticism free to replace it with independence. At age 40, it’s high time.

A Fierce Vocal Fatale

It’s great to see Brandy’s using her 25th anniversary to look back and fight back using her music. And she sounds fierce like never before. Liberated. Even her look has gotten more artistic. We’d better brace ourselves for the next 25 years.

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