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4 Versatile YouTube singers

Published September 12th 2015 Some people can stretch their voices to sound like anyone. 1) Christina Bianco Christina is a professional singer, actress and impersonator, and is by far, one of the best, that I have seen on YouTube. 2) Joel “Roomie” Berghult Originally from Sweden, but lives in London …

YouTuber Sam Tsui’s Thinking Out Loud and he’s Not The Only One

Published September 4th 2015 Sam Tsui is one of those YouTube sensations who’s built up a following of over 2 million subscribers. His YouTube success started in 2009 with producer Kurt Schneider, both in Yale at the time. They did a few videos called “College Musicals“: A parody of “High School Musical” …

My Cover Songs

Cover songs allow me great practice. They also provide a great excuse to try things outside of my comfort zone. These are the covers I’ve done so far.

Cool songs by others

This is the playlist you need to check out if you love my music taste. It contains 14 cool music videos that I love right now and 1 of my own video for shameless self promotion.

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