4 Versatile YouTube singers

Published September 12th 2015

Some people can stretch their voices to sound like anyone.

1) Christina Bianco

Christina is a professional singer, actress and impersonator, and is by far, one of the best, that I have seen on YouTube.

2) Joel “Roomie” Berghult

Originally from Sweden, but lives in London now and is a singer by profession, Roomie aka Joel Berghult has made several videos of his vocal impressions.

3) Rob Cantor

Rob’s a singer and singwriter and came up with this creative way to introduce an original song to you by adding some familiar vocals to it.

4) Mikayla Jade

OfficialMikaaylaa started out posting her covers, just singing at home, in front of the camera.  She has made a series of vocal impressions and this one’s the most popular.

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