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My cover of “Lullaby” by The Cure was just supposed to be just a temporary stream for Halloween 2014, but it immediately became one of my most popular songs.

“Lullaby” song cover

Audio / Video

The Story Behind The Song

Where Did The Idea To Cover “Lullaby” Come From?

I had a radio item, “Nora’s Minute”. One episode was some story about a spider. For this, I looked up the instrumental of “Lullaby”. It was the only song I could think of that clearly stated something about spiders. When I was done recording the item, I wondered what I would sound like on a song like that. Because it actually sounded really nice, I decided to share it for Halloween.

Halloween Inspiration

At the time, I was mainly sharing pop songs, so this was a far stretch. I decided to go all out then. I did a photo shoot with my hair and make up all messed up. Like a tribute to Robert Smith, the lead singer for The Cure. It was so much fun! The best thing happen when you get outside of your comfort zone.

For my promotion of it, I even wrote a little lullaby for Halloween.


The song was uploaded to my website and ReverbNation (temporarily). Then after, when I noticed people were still looking for it, I uploaded it to YouTube. It’s still the only place where it’s available.

I looked into releasing it as part of my album, but it’s so difficult to sort out with all the copyrights. So, as long as YouTube allows it, it’s up there to stream.


Photo and Photoshop Credits: Nora Tol