A lullaby for Halloween 2014

Nora Halloween 2014

Let me tell you a Halloween lullaby

It was supposed to be a night like no other. The darkness had fallen and the moon gave light just enough to see the shapes of the furnitute in the room. A breeze of cold air touched my cheeks as I was laying myself down to sleep. It didn’t bother me. My eyes were so tired. I couldn’t even get myself up to close the window. Funny, I was still thinking about doing so while I was drifting off to a world of dreams. Everything within me – my eyes, my body, my thoughts – had found peace. I fell fast asleep.

The wind that was coming through the window was playing with the curtains, lifting them up for just a few seconds. Enough time for a spiderman to enter the room. His spider sense had not only brought him here for warmth and safety, but he also knew he could find his next meal here.

My dreams got rudely interrupted as a fly walked over my arm. I felt the itch he had caused and it woke me up. It’s funny I had no idea what I was dreaming, but I immediately had an eerie feeling take a hold. Looking around the room I was glad to see everything was still in place, but it didn’t comfort me at all. I felt like someone was watching me. Across the room on the window pane someone was.

While I was trying to relax and make my way back to sleep he was moving all his 8 legs forward towards the bed I was sleeping in. The fly had also caught his attention and would be a perfect starter for him. Flies never fly too far. The chances are he’d do the same thing again and yes, the non suspecting fly made it’s way back to bed and started to fly really low until he could fly no more. The spiderman loved his little bite, but his hunger was still strong. And right near him was something bigger.

I had just managed to return to the phase in which I was falling asleep. Sounds are getting to be distant sounds and thoughts are fading. “I knew it was silly to feel so eerie. What was wrong with me?” I was finally feeling my body relax. But then I felt a pain cutting right through my foot. Looking down I saw a spider biting down on me. I don’t know if it was the surprise, the fear or whatever else, but I felt faint in an instant and blackness was setting in.

Looking like a Tim Burton character

Looking like I could be in a Tim Burton movie

The wound caused by the bite was bleeding. The spider’s slime was covering it and within no time it got mixed with the blood and reached my blood stream. This caused my whole body to react. My skin turned paler. My lips turned red, my eyes got so dark they were as black as the night itself and my hair just looked like it had exploded. In fact I looked like I could be in a Tim Burton movie. My voice sounded lower and full of fear. I could barely say a word as a sharp pain was taking me over, from my feet to my head. “He’s eating me alive” is the last thing I can remember thinking. And then I woke up.

I couldn’t believe it! It was all just a dream… except, there are these pictures of me looking as I think I did in my dream and there’s this cover song of The Cure’s “Lullaby” with my voice sounding so low! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard from me before. In a panic I check my foot. That’s strange, there’s no bite mark….

Happy Halloween!

(written by Nora Tol for Halloween 2014 – and obviously not a true story at all)

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