Track announcement: “Open Road (Up And Go)”

New song,”Open Road”, joins the track list of my debut album, “Looking Back, Then Moving On”!

Album cover debut album

The official cover for my debut album “Looking Back, Then Moving On”

An Open Road To Something New

You may have heard me sing this song a little bit on YouTube, because I started working on this in 2015. “Open Road (Up And Go)” is about leaving everything behind, having faith in yourself and starting a new life. It’s about the knowing that life is full of possibilities and taking lessons learnt with you.

I think there was a reason I got stuck in it earlier, but the song is now fully finished and ready for mixing and mastering. With that, I’m very happy to announce that the song will be on my debut album!


The song was inspired by the video of Anna Kendrick’s “When I’m Gone” from the movie Pitch Perfect. At least, the topic. The music opens a new door for me. You may know how I love keyboards and electronic sounds, like effects and somewhat auto-tuned vocals. However, this song is a real road trip song. For me, this automatically means it has a lot of guitars. It has influences from the country-pop or guitar-pop genres.

The double title of the song is because I still, after several years, don’t really know which out of the two would be a great title for this song!

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