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I often talk about music on my website, but nothing is as good as listening to music and sharing it! This year, I’m sharing a lot more of the music I listen to!

Spotify Playlists

Every song I mention in one of my music blogs, I’m adding to a public playlist on Spotify. The playlist is called Featured Music Blog Songs. Be sure to follow my playlist if you’ve been enjoying my blogs here, too.

What Can You Expect From My Playlist?

The artists I feature in my music blogs are artists from the 80s, 90s or early this millennium. However, today’s artists that have something retro about them are featured, too. This could be anyone, signed, unsigned, famous, or unknown.

Mostly, I blog about pop and R&B music, sometime dance. Of course, there are the occasional wild cards. Music that’s just too good to ignore.

My playlists features all tracks I mention in my blogs, which means:

  • Regular (probably weekly) updates
  • A mix of pop, dance and R&B songs
  • Just a lot of cool music!

Follow the Featured Music Blog Songs Playlist

Listen here

And remember…

New blog content published here, on my website, every Friday!


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