New: My travel photos on Instagram

Nora Tol in Dusseldorf

At the promenade in Dusseldorf, Germany

I’ve been blessed that I have been able to take my work with me, wherever I go, for most of my professional life. There have been many occasions where I have taken advantage of working remote, or have been blessed with friends abroad who’ve invited me over. It’s allowed me to travel and I’ve always wanted to travel even more.

So far, it has not been possible for me to write blogs about my travels or other things I do in my spare time, so I’ve opted to use to next best thing to share my stories: I’ve started another Instagram account (yep, it’s my third).

Travels_by_nora_tol shows pictures from various long trips, short trips and day outings that I’ve been blessed to have experienced. Please follow me if you love seeing the world too or are looking for your next fun thing to do.

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