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Halloween 2017 will bring forth something creepy

Published October 30th 2017

Nora Tol shooting new Halloween video

Pictures taken during the day of the video shoot

Yesterday, I’ve spend the day exploring a dark side. It was for the cause of my Halloween surprise: A new short music video.

Out Of Character

Just like in 2015 I’ve chosen to release a snippet of a song that looks like it’s completely out of character. At least for me. Just like when I shared my cover of “Lullaby” by The Cure, my usual pop-dance-r&b music has gotten to take a backseat. This time, it has made room for something alternative and a bit dark.

Halloween Music Video

For the video, I’ve gotten to look like a mix of German singer Nina Hagen meets something from King of Thrones and Suicide Squad (or something like that). Also, I got to act a bit crazy and creepy, thus perfect for Halloween.

Creepy Halloween Release

You’ll have to watch this space tomorrow to find out which song I’ve covered, because creepy things only come out crawling on Halloween….

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