New to my website: My recipes!

Not so long ago, I’ve adjusted my website to add more topics (or categories) to share. I’m so happy to announce that another topic is going online with its first content this week. It’s the category that many of us enjoy: Food!

New Site Category for My Recipes

The new category will feature some of my favorite recipes. The first recipe will go online later today.

I don’t specialize in any particular diet, but some recipes will be Paleo minded or work around certain allergies. It’ll be mentioned clearly when this is the case.

Tomato-Paprika soup

Tomato soup with paprika

Recipes Will Be Shared in English and Dutch

As usual, the recipe posts will be mixed in with the posts about my music, music blogs, drawings, other creations and blogs about my work for my company, ElNorado Productions. However, there is one major difference in the recipe category: My recipes will be posted in English and Dutch!

My Journey With Food

Food is a necessity for our bodies, but it’s also such a symbol for friendship and family. Usually, it’s the meals that bring us together.

As an extremely picky eater – just trying to find what I like – food has also been a challenge. My journey connects me with many people.

Brownies with nuts

Brownies with nuts

Despite my busy life as a creative entrepreneur, I maintain a schedule that allows me to cook as much as possible. I try to avoid eating from packages or live on to-go meals, so I try out recipes often. Believe me, I used to be terrible at cooking. In fact, I could burn an egg while baking it. As with many things, practice makes perfect – Not that I’m saying I can do it perfectly. Not at all! But I learn to do better each time and that helps boost my confidence. Enough to share my ideas now. I hope that inspires others to do the same: Cook from scratch, despite the busy lifestyle, and get comfortable with cooking at home.

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