Instadrawing: Melbourne Boardwalk with Sunset

Sunset in Australia

When I was in Australia, we used to drive down to the beach every evening. We’d sit and watch the sunset.

Sunsets in Europe are slow, but in Australia, the sun goes down in a heartbeat. Blink and you miss it. But while it’s setting, it will give you these beautiful colors and just a wonderful thing to see.

I saw this picture of a sunset and a beautiful boardwalk that was posted in 2017 by visitMelbourne, which reminded me of my trip, and those nights.

Working with Color

After a hard day’s work, it was the perfect picture to draw and take my mind away. It also allowed me to work with colored pencils again, for the first time in a while. Not my favorite pencils to work with, BTW!

This is the result that I posted onto my Instagram account:

You can see more drawings that I make when you follow my main Instagram account.

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