Good Times at the Hippiemarket 2018

I can’t believe it’s already been over a week ago, but last weekend, I had three long days at the Hippiemarket 2018 in Lelystad. It was my first time having a stand and it was also my first time visiting this market.

As Free Spirited as a Hippy

Nora Tol at the Hippiemarket

Nora Tol at the Hippiemarket, in true hippy style.

As an entrepreneur, I think you have to be open to crazy ideas to get yourself out there. There are thousands of people visiting an event like this, so why not give it a try? Despite the fact that my company, ElNorado Productions, is business to business oriented, why not introduce people to design, online marketing and music? Everyone is online nowadays, right?!

You can tell, I’m as free spirited in my thinking as a hippy. The hippy era was a time of rebelling, and a time of a high level of creativity and freedom. It’s given us great bold designs with lots of colours, and psychedelic sounds in music. It was before my time, but I connect to those things of that time, and the Hippiemarket allowed me to get a taste of it.

Contemporary Ibiza Style

The Hippiemarket in Lelystad brings the hippy style to 2018, though. It’s influence comes from the Hippiemarket in Ibiza. Therefore, that Ibiza style is noticeable everywhere. The market is one of those events that grows each year. Literally. It’s not only getting an annual increase in visitors, but this year, it had grown to 4 squares with all kinds of things for people to see or do.

Big Red Partytent

Marketing on Whiteboard

Oldskool marketing

And in the middle of it, I had a shared red partytent with fellow local entrepreneur, Prosim Natural Health Practice. A match that needed some explanation for some, but people quickly discovered that we are friends who entrepreneur together and see that as common ground, rather than what our companies actually have to offer. Another hippy-thing, perhaps; to look beyond the obvious.

So, while Sandra from Prosim was promoting her massage business, I was promoting my design business.

Cross Selling and Testing The Waters

Coincidentally, I also took the opportunity to sell some of the jewelry I had created for my jewelry exhibition, a few years ago. I made a few people really happy with some of those pieces and will, most likely, really start that Etsy store to sell any other pieces and selfmade art.

Arts and Crafts

My little shop

My little ‘shop’

Because the Hippiemarket theme is so linked to arts and crafts, I also displayed my sketchbook. It was absolutely mindblowing to hear what people thought of my drawings. My sketchbook is filled with my instadrawings, which are mini drawings. People also loved my creative interpretations of the mandala trend. I’ve yet to post those drawings here on my website.

Sharing Creativity and The Joy Of It

I’ve met a lot of people who drew, too, and I know that I inspired some with new ideas or just to keep drawing. And they inspired me. It was a lovely experience to have. To share my creativity with people is what makes me happy.

Sharing Opportunities

Creativity was not all I shared. As an entrepreneur, I depend upon the help of others for opportunities. The ideas other people suggest to me, and the opportunities they provide, help me build my business and my life. I believe it’s important to put that creative thinking back into helping others, just like they do to help me.

Among my clients, I have a few startup webshops. With this event, I collaborated with my client, InStyle Watches,  to sell some Henley watches from my little market stall. They are bringing this English brand to the Netherlands, so it was the first time they would be able to get a direct response from a crowd. And boy, did it attract a crowd!

Nora having a rare break

Break time was rare

I only took the ladies watches with me. The sparkling models caught the sunlight real easily and the pink and blue models pulled people in. It was good to be able to help someone else reach a new audience, in this way.

Good Meetings, Good Times

All in all, the days were intensive, but so much fun. I’ve met so many great and inspiring people, some of which shared so much of their story with me and Sandra from Prosim. To those I’ve met there: Grateful to have met you all and much health, happiness and success to you. Perhaps, until next year.

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