Artists watch out! I’m a music blogger

Published October 12th 2015

You probably already know that I’ve been writing music news on this website for a little over a year now.

In the beginning, I used to write from a personal point of view, a lot like blogging, and I would express my personal opinion, but more recently, I’ve been writing more from a journalistic standpoint. Basically, I’m sticking to as many facts and figures as I could possibly research.

Kurrent Music

I’m a Contributor for Kurrent Music

My music news is a popular site item

Apparently, it’s been a good move, because last month, my music news has entered the top 4 of most visited segments of my website and has even contributed to my website gaining 4,000 more visitors than usual! This means that my site has had over 14,000 visitors last month! Thank you for the love.

So someone gave me the opportunity to be a music blogger again

This has not gone unnoticed, so it doesn’t stop there! Now, I’ve been given the opportunity to spread the word even more about music. As of last week I’m a music blogger once again. I’ll be blogging about artists, songs, albums and YouTube videos for a startup called Kurrent Music.

My first three blogs are already  online there and more will follow shortly.

On occasion Kurrent Music wil pick my topics for me, but for the most part I’m free to write about whatever and whoever, so if you’re an arist, you better watch out, I might be reviewing you next!

Kurrent Music

Kurrent Music – Check me out there!

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