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James Morrison fights off demons with new music

Published October 11th 2015

As a true slave to the music, James Morrison, released a new single called “Demons”. It’s his first single in years.

“Demons” starts with a high pitched vocal like you would expect from any modern day hip hop track, but this is real soul. It’s very pleasant to hear, as you would expect from James Morrison. And even though it’s been a while, since he’s released new music, everything sounds as familiar as always.

According to the man himself, the song “Demons” was already present in his head, so writing it came really easy to him.

He wrote more though. His new album, “Higher Than High”, will be released on October 30th. “Demons” is the opening track and the first single from the new album. The album returns James to a sound with a Gospel influence, like, in his own words he “got the closest to in his first album”.