Missy Elliott’s shooting first video in a decade

Published October 9th 2015

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott currently features on Janet Jackson’s track “BURNITUP!”, but has now been spotted shooting her first video in 10 years!

For the younger generation Missy Elliott might be a new name, but she’s been a game changer in R&B and Hip Hop and credited to lay the foundation for new genres like dubstep, before disappearing in behind the scenes work.

As part of “The Bassment” she and Timbaland were both barely out of their teens at the time. They introduced us to a new sound in the 90s with lots of syndicated rhythms, usually combined with whacky sounds, smooth vocals or great rhymes.

The pair launched many new singers to stardom, like Ginuwine, Aaliyah and 702, as well as their own solo work. Missy continued to work with great stars like Whitney Houston, Madonna, Mariah Carey, SWV, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce, and even launched Ciara’s career too.

Her last solo album was “The CookBook”, released in 2005, spawning the dance hit “Lose Control”. Besides a few features here and there, she’s mainly remained out of the spotlights.

There have been rumours of a return to her solo career ever since she’s appeared at Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance in February. She also closed Bestival this year in UK’s Isle Of Wight. Missy has now been spotted in the streets of LA shooting a new video fueling rumours of a new album.

In the 90s Missy Elliott was known for the shiny suits and quirky moves, which worked perfectly well with her innovative sound. The pictures from the new video shoot show her wearing a mirror ball jumpsuit doing a little dance. Sounds like she’s back to her old tricks indeed.



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