Another record broken with my website!

Published February 3rd 2016

Since August 2015, I’ve been improving my website with little tweaks and regular updates. I was already incredibly pleased with the fact that it hadn’t gone unnoticed all this time: That’s a major “Phew!”.

Thank You So Much For Visiting

The amount of people visiting my website has increased steadily, since I’ve started working on my website daily. In January 2016, it has even reached double the amount of what I, pretty much started with.

The Amount Of Visitors Doubled To 20,000+

I’m so happy to share that an incredibly 22,400 unique visitors have found their way to my website in January!

The main reason for this growth is the inclusion of more of my social media channels – like my Google+ profile and my weekly wrap ups on YouTube – and of course, great topics to write about and music to share with you.

Google+ and Klout

But not just my website sees an increase in views. My Google+ profile has doubled, which means it’s had a whopping additional 34,000 views, since I’ve started sharing my music blogs and Uber blogs there.

This affects my Klout score, which reached 61, at some point this month. Klout measures your social influence. Just to give you a reference; the average person on social media has Klout score of 40. Mind you, all of this is only important stuff to anyone who’s thinking of hiring me as a freelance content specialist or blogger. For everyone else, this is just the result of me doing what I really love to do; to share my creations and interesting finds with you, as well as just interacting with people.

Thanks Again and Hope To Keep Seeing You Around

I’m so pleased with all the interest and will absolutely continue to work hard to provide you with the most interesting developments within the music business, my music and more. Thank you again, and feel free to comment on my website or social media. Hope to keep seeing you around!

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  1. Thank you, Renard! I’m positive your (re)tweets have contributed, so thank you very much.

  2. [ Smiles ] Congratulations on acquiring a large following!

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