New returning site feature: Social Media Discovery

Published February 9th 2016

Among my followers on various social media platforms, there are so many talented people who are trying to make their way in music, just like me. Some people, I think, deserve a little bit of a spotlight because of their talent, insights or their personality, so I’ve decided to start a new returning feature on my website.

Social Media Discovery

New series of articles: Social Media Discovery

Social Media Discovery

In my Social Media Discovery articles, I will introduce you to one of my followers or someone who I’ve met through social media in another way. You will find these articles on my music news page.

Over time, I hope this could become a weekly feature, but for now I’ll start out with writing (at least) one of these articles per month.

Altogether, the intention is that you could discover some interesting new talent for you to discover yourself.

The first article will be published this Friday, February 12th 2016 (sometime in the middle of the day)!


I couldn’t think of a better day to launch these articles than on Friday, due to the once popular Twitter hashtag #FollowFriday. This hashtag was used to introduce interesting people to your contacts. People who were worth following. As this is also the intend of these series of articles, I couldn’t think of a more perfect day to get started on this.

Want To Be Featured?

The only way you could be considered to be featured in these articles is to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloudYouTube or ReverbNation and hope for the best. I do spot people on Facebook, Google+ too, but that’s based on posts.

I’m not paying any attention to the amount of followers you have. You just have to spark an interest with either your music, your image, your company’s motto/services or something else about your story.

Feel Free To Share

Feel free to share this news with anyone in music or the music business.


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