What’s happening with Dutch R&B Group DeAnté?

Published February 3rd 2016

DeAnté 2002 intro


Years ago, I designed and maintained the Official website for R&B Group DeAnté. The group had called it quits, approximately 14 years or so ago. Some members went on to be songwriters, some others went on to try solo careers, but despite fans expressing their desire for a comeback, the members never reunited.

Half A Reunion On The Voice

Then, suddenly, in the semifinals of The Voice Of Holland, half of the group appeared on stage supporting contester Jennie Lena. RoJay Grifith and Ty (Terence) Esajas joined her with her a cappella rendition of “Fix You”.

RoJay is shown left to Jennie and Ty is the one on the outer left. Ty had already supported her during her performance, a week earlier.

DeAnté To Do A Club Performance

While the performance on The Voice got Jennie Lena through to the next round, it also caused quite a stir on social media among former DeAnté fans, as they were taken completely by surprise. Even more so, when RoJay announced the group will also perform at a club on Friday February 5th 2016.

DeAnté are a special guest of Dauphine’s house band. Club Dauphine is located in Amsterdam. The show starts at 8.30pm.

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