Kanye West to stream album premiere in cinemas

Published February 3rd 2016

Kanye West will release his new album “Waves” on February 11th 2016. Fans in NYC can actually be at the premiere of the album, as he will debut it at a special event held at the Madison Square Garden. Tickets are on sale on his website.

Yeezus Season 3

He announced the event on Twitter yesterday. Many guest appearances are expected during the event.

Global Live Streaming Events

The premiere will also be streamed live to various cinemas in about 20 countries around the world. It’s not the first time, he has offered streams to his audience in other locations. He has used it before to engage people with the release of his fashion collections.

Tickets for the streams of this event are made available to 25 countries only, which, interesting enough, doesn’t include the US.

Best Of All Time

West has already shared four tracks from his forthcoming album on his SoundCloud page. It will be his seventh album, but according to his own tweets, it’s his “best of all time”.

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