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Taking Adele literally

Published January 8th 2016

As you may know, I’ve been writing lyrics for about, oh well, let’s just say a long time. When I started out, I was so insecure about them that I was actually afraid someone would find them, so in the first two years of writing, I threw them out.

I felt other songs were always so poetic with beautiful symbolisms. And, even though I tried, I just felt I didn’t hold up until the moment I would imagine that I was the one who wrote the lyrics to those songs. That’s when I realized I would’ve doubted myself about sentences in those songs as well. It was the turning point for me as a lyricist to gain more confidence.

But, nevertheless, there are many dodgy lyrics out there, even in classics. Many music bloggers, like myself, love dissecting what could be the true meaning behind the words of a song, but the fact usually is that some lines are just plain crazy.

It’s a good thing there’s some abstract to song words, ‘cos what on earth would happen if we start taking lyrics literally? Well, you’d get something funny like this! Clare took the words literally of, currently, one of the most respected artists around: Adele. And suddenly, Adele’s songs take on a different meaning:


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