Setting the record straight about Beyoncé and Janet Jackson

Published January 7th 2016

Recently, I published a story about Beyonce, who was supposed to write and act in her very own movie, but today Billboard has published a response from Beyonce’s team that this news is not true. Though they do think it’s a story that needs to be shared, Beyonce is not planning to turn this into a movie. The idea of her doing the movie had already caused quite a stir, which is why a response was given in the first place.

Another story that had been going aorund, was the news that Janet Jackson’s surgery was to remove cancer from her throat. This news got taken over by various press outlets, including myself on my Instagram account, but today, thankfully, Janet Jackson herself posted the news that these rumours are false. She did have surgery and is recovering, but it is not cancer. Nothing beats Janet Jackson herself saying that “it’s allright”.

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