Rita Ora and Roc Nation poisoned relationship

Published February 2nd 2016

In December 2015, Rita Ora’s troubles with Roc Nation became public knowledge, when she filed a lawsuit against her label Roc Nation. In the suit she’s asking to be released from her contract. Now, Roc Nation has responded with a countersuit for $2.3 million in damages and lost revenue.

Rita Ora And Roc Nation

In 2008, Rita signed with Roc Nation to deal with all aspects of her career in management, as well as the release of 5 albums on their label. Roc Nation was just starting out and Rita Ora was one of the first artists to join their roster.

Since, the company has grown and so has Rita Ora’s star status, but if you think that’s been the result of some collaborative effort, Rita says you should think again.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora caught in the fire?

After “Ora”

In the papers, she filed for her suit, she indicates she was happy in the collaboration at the beginning. When the company grew, her long term contacts for the company started to move on. She claims she has not been able to establish a relationship with anybody within the company.

Apparently, Roc Nation has been ignoring her since 2012, when her successful debut album, “Ora”, was released.

She also goes on to complain about her distribution still be handled by Sony Music, even though Roc Nation has partnered with Universal since 2013.

7 Year Itch

Under Californian law, it’s not allowed to have a personal service contract for a term longer than 7 years, which exceeded for her in 2015. Even though, not all the obligations from the agreed have been met, she feels the label has had enough time to release new music and she should be freed from her contract, based on this law.


Roc Nation, on the other hand, is now claiming that the singer has simply not fulfilled all of the agreed 5 albums and countersues for breach of contract. Furthermore, claiming they have spend $2.3 million in promotion for her upcoming, but undelivered album.

Settlement Expected

If you think Rita Ora’s music career might get a huge delay now, there are reports to put your mind at ease. Rita Ora’s lawyer has spoken out to Billboard about the case and reported that a settlement is in the cards. As soon as Sony Music agrees to terms, as they are proposed now, Roc Nation plans to release Rita Ora’s new album.

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