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Pentatonix reach 10 million YouTube subscribers

Pentatonix reach 10 million YouTube subscribers

Published January 24th 2016

The story of Pentatonix is one of interest to me. If there’s one group who’s had to find their own way within the music business, it is Pentatonix. They have really worked themselves from the bottom up and YouTube seems to have been a major contributor to their success.

Have You Viewed Pentatonix?

It was the many views, they’ve managed to attract on YouTube, that not only got them to show the world that a cappella singing is not a thing of the past. It can actually dominate the charts. But, it also got them sold out gigs worldwide and, eventually, got them the business deals they should´ve gotten to begin with.

Creative Thinking

They are the embodiment of determination and modern day artistry, meaning you have to be creative in your thinking to make it in music today.

10 Million Subscribers

And speaking of today, the group has made another milestone. Their official YouTube channel has reached 10 million subscribers.

Top 10 Most Subscribed Musicians

Interest in the group is still growing, so chances are they will reach the 18 million subscribers Rihanna and One Direction have on their channels. In December 2015, they were the artists with most subscribers to their channel. Pentatonix are in the top 10 now, though.

WHOA. Just hit 10 MILLION subscribers on YouTube! We are so grateful and lucky to have had you on this incredible journey with us! We love you very much. ??

Posted by Pentatonix on Sunday, January 24, 2016

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