David Bowie’s after death career planning

Published January 24th 2016 

Over their careers, artists record so much more material than what is released. It was reported that Kelly Rowland recorded 45 songs for her upcoming album. R Kelly recorded over 450 songs for his last album and you can find countless of unreleased demo songs that artists have recorded, but never made an album.

David Bowie Planned a 2017 Release

So, it’s not a real surprise that completely new albums are released after an artist’s death. David Bowie, according to reports, has personally prepared new album releases for years to come. The first album of which is supposed to be due for release in 2017.

David BowieIt Was Hard To Let Go

As much as David Bowie seemed to have orchestrated his art surrounding his death, it also looks to be a sign that he wasn’t really ready to leave it all behind. He literally used his last breath to express himself through his music and tell the stories he wanted to tell.

New Music

It is rumored, he was still recording demos for new songs in the last weeks of his life. Any new album could therefore contain completely new songs or songs that were recorded throughout his career, but just never was released before.

Lazarus Soundtrack

While all of the above are just rumors so far, it is a fact that a soundtrack of his stage play “Lazarus” will be released as an album.

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