7 Other artists who’ve covered Janet Jackson

Published November 3rd 2015

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and Janet Jackson has been imitated by many.

Just a simple search on YouTube will lead you to many unnown singers covering her. However, also her famous colleagues try their hand at her material, especially during live performances.

With a music catalog dating back to the 70s to pull from, there’s a lot of songs to choose, but because Janet Jackson has always been so experimental with her music, she appeals to many. Let these artists surprise you.

Adam Lambert – Black Cat

Adam Lambert always look he gets his inspiration from the 80s. His looks may remind you of George Michael, his make up of Boy George or Adam Ant, and his own music takes to a lot of the electronic sounds of the years, though he combines it with rock. No surprise then, he would pick one of Janet Jackson’s rock tracks to cover and delivers an incredible “Black Cat”, captured here by someone in the audience.

‘N Sync – That’s The Way Love Goes

Janet Jackson was the first iconic star to get honored on the MTV Icon series. Many artists either covered her music for this or covered her dance moves – something I actually did myself as a child. This rendition of “That’s The Way Love Goes” by N Sync is one of the most interesting covers. I never thought all those typical boy band repitition in the background vocals would work on this track.

Robyn – When I Think Of You (live – audio)

When doing her gig at Malmö Festival, in 2003, Robyn sang Janet Jackson’s “When I Think Of You”, suprising the audience with a song you would not expect from her. I’m glad someone recorded it, because, even though she stayed very true to the original, it sounds great.

Destiny’s Child – Let’s Wait Awhile

Destiny’s Child honored Janet Jackson for MTV’s Icon show. They wouldn’t be Destiny’s Child if they didn’t turn this classic into their own version. I think out of all of these performances, this would have to be the most original cover version.

Kelly Clarkson – If (Live)

Kelly Clarkson has built up quite a reputation for slaying pretty much every song she covers. In 2009 she sang Janet Jackson’s “If” while touring and let me tell you, this girl can rock! It’s amazing how her voice just seems to fit on every genre.

Alexandra Burke – Let’s Wait Awhile (Acoustic)

Alexandra Burke auditioned for UK’s X Factor in 2005 and then won! She briefly went on to have a few hits in the charts, like “Bad Boy” featuring Flo Rida and her cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, which won her the talent show. She was born to make music and has been exposed to it all her life, having a mom who was singing lead in Soul II Soul. On YouTube you can find many videos of her singing original songs, as well as covers. Among those, is this acoustic cover of Janet Jackson’s “Let’s Wait A While”. In contrast to Destiny’s Child’s version, Alexandra stayed pretty true to the Original.

Glee Cast – Control

The only one from this collection of stars covering Janet Jackson with an official video and an official release, but what else could you expect from the cast of Glee.

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