It’s not too late. The average pop star is 38

Published February 26 2015

When you are trying to make it as an artist you often feel that you are competing in a world with the forever young. As soon as you hit your late 20s you will run into people saying that you are getting too old to be the artist and that maybe you should consider something behind the scenes. Still, I’ve always said that today’s 30s, 40s and even older age ranges, aren’t what they used to be. People seem to remain more active than their previous generation. Even when they have kids people in their 30s and 40s still like to go out and want to see good artists perform in their favorite restaurants, bars or other venues. I’ve always believed there’s an everlasting demand for entertainment, though there’s no doubt that the younger stars (or starlets) get the most exposure in magazine and such. And now it’s been proven. Your music career is not over the older you get. The average age of today’s biggest pop stars is 38. So, there’s hope yet. And I have a little over two more months to make it happen before I turn 39….

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Forever young? The average age of today’s biggest pop stars is 38 (Music business world wide)

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