Mr. Probz’ new music stolen

Published October 19th 2015

Mr. Probz, singer of the hit song “Waves”, was taken by surprise last when returning home last weekend. His appartment was broken into and a lot of personal items were stolen. However, amongst his losses are a laptop and phone containing his new music and ideas for lyrics.

In a post on Facebook, the singer has set a reward of 10,ooo euros to anyone who can return his laptop and phone. “I don’t care about any of the other items”, says Mr. Probz in his Facebook post.

The laptop is a black Alternate PC, that has already survived a fire, but was damaged in it. “It’s of no use to anyone else”.

A desperate Mr. Probz asks anyone who knows any details to e-mail to his management. The reward is worth more than the laptop and phone would be valued for.



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